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Architectural Glass Art and Interior Glass Design Projects

I work hand-in-hand with my clients to create a piece of architectural and interior glass art for the space they are working on, whether it is public or private. I have successfully collaborated with award-winning architects on projects that got great appreciation from the users of the space as well as experts. My work involves the creation of detailed 3D models, incorporation of the models into architectural plans, organization and installation of work. I’ve gained years of experience to match a set of skills ready to design and bring to life whatever my clients need or want. Moreover, I welcome challenges and embrace innovations, so - "yes!", to all extraordinary requests that tickle my artist senses and craftsman's pride. Making sure that my glass designs and architectural glass objects are of the highest quality and leave an impression is my priority.  


Browse some of my past design projects listed below. Clicking on the pictures below will lead you to the specific layered glass project where you can learn about it in more detail - its story, pictures, videos and, for some, behind-the-scenes development. 


Feel free to contact me to learn more about my work and request a consultation today. 

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