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Bespoke project

Whether for the corporate, academic or private environments, we offer the highest quality art with a function, i.e. custom-made design objects for everyday practical use with a unique artistic value. We work with architects and interior designers to produce the desired result. Next to all other aspects of quality, endurance, and practicality, we guarantee a visual aesthetic, unlike any other material due to the unique ways glass reflects and distributes light.

The shape of these layered glass benches and their layout at the site were designed by Ernest Vitin after consultations with the principal architect. The primary purpose was to create these objects for everyday practical use- sitting, lying, leaning against, while keeping the artistic value.


Therefore, the form of the benches was designed to be pure and classic with slight yet comfortable deformations. They are made of 10mm thick, industrially treated sheets of glass put together by hand.

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