Effigie Sui

Monumental Layered Glass Sculpture

Dimensions 2200 x 750 x 550 mm

Available for purchase

Monumental sculpture, Effigie Sui /ɛfədʒi sɥi/, meaning self-portrait in Latin, is an original signature work of the only artist in Latvia, Ernest Vitin, devoting his full time to technical and aesthetic development of the layered glass art.


Effigie Sui reflects artist’s understanding about the societal and cultural structures that draw pressure onto every individual, onto himself. This pressure is represented by the different indents in the form of the sculpture. It symbolises the human ability to receive and adapt to external pressure, without breaking. And then, themselves become an arrow- a force affecting others.


Ernest Vitin experiments and refines the ways in which he creates a powerful illusion of plasticity from the hard and sturdy layers of glass. With this particular sculpture, using the characteristic transparency of glass, he has made an effect of inner structure. An illusion of a seemingly deeper, skeletal framework becomes visible from several viewpoints. For example, see the picture from the workshop below. None of these visible lines actually exists on the surface of the sculpture.

Effigie Sui is available for purchase and is suited for permanent exposure, both, outdoors and indoors.

Effigies Sui exhibited at Gallery Park Hotel and SPA  30.05 2017- 30.09.2017

Photography by Agrita Alksere

Enter a new dimension of exceptional splendour of the past and the present!  This is a perfect combination of Art Nouveau premier architecture and monumental glass contemporary art. Read further

Effigies Sui exhibited at mc2

Photography by Agrita Alksere

Effigie Sui exhibited in one of the best luxury design centres of Northern Europe-  mc2 Center of Interior and Specialties

Effigies Sui at art exhibitions

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