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Glass Signboard

Design signboard for the University of Latvia


Custom order

The signboard carries the abbreviation 'LU', which stands for the University of Latvia (Latvijas Universitāte). It is erected at the main entrance of the Academic Center for Natural Sciences of the University of Latvia, which opened in Riga in 2015. 

The composition is made of 2570 similar 25x25x10mm glass parallelepipeds, which are positioned and affixed with 25mm intervals throughout the main body of the signboard, except for the blank space forming the 'LU' abbreviation and the top right corner where the pieces are arranged freely. 

The concept of the composition was made by deconstructing the process of education. Education entails learning a vast amount of diverse knowledge, processing it thoroughly and consolidating it into personal understanding, thereby becoming a specialist in one's chosen field. Thus, each of the individual pieces represents a separate division of knowledge, which combined form a single, coherent whole.

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