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25/11 - 03/01 


Contemporary art exhibition, latvian artists, northern dimension exhibition

In late 2020, glass artist Ernest Vitin took part in an international group exhibition, “Ziemeļu dimensija/ Pohjoinen Ulottuvuus/The Northern Dimension”, at Jurmala City Museum, Latvia, with an extraordinary sculptural object – a glass headstone from the Glasstone classic collection. Alongside other Latvian (16), Estonian (2) and Finnish (10) artists, he helped the museum come alive with infusions of the vibrant northern dimensions – from paintings to sculptures and video installations. This is part of a continuous cooperation between some of the best Northern contemporary artists. The art exhibition at the Jurmala City Museum took place from November 25, 2020 to January 3, 2021 and was curated by acclaimed Latvian artist Māris Upzars and the museum’s curator Guna Kalnača. 

Latvian artists that took part in the exhibition “Northern Dimension” were: painters Arturs Akopjans, Barbara Gaile, Madara Gulbis, Elga Grīnvalde, Anita Kalniņa, Kristīna Keire, Guna Millersone, Zigurds Polikovs, Māris Upzars, Signe Vanadziņa, Andris Vītols and Linda Zere Bārbala Gulbe, glass artist Ernests Vītiņš, photographer Egils Spuris and sculptor Kirils Panteļejevs.

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