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Stylized Layered Glass Fir Tree
Layered Glass Fir Tree by the Opera
Layered Glass Fir Tree Element
'Ekselence' Stylized Glass Fir Tree
Stylized Layered Glass Fir Tree
Stylized Layered Glass Fir Tree

Stylized Fir Trees

Monumental layered glass art

We took a challenge to participate in the Fir Tree Festival organised by Riga City Council in 2012, 2013 and 2016 to demonstrate the permanency of our layered glass work. Our layered glass fir trees were exhibited by the Latvian National Opera and Ballet near the Old Riga. All sculptures are developed in our signature technique are durable in varying climate conditions. We have developed the technique after years of experimentation and countless laboratory tests. Main component is the highest quality, weather resistant glue.

The fir threes are made of stacked 8mm sheet glass and are hollow in the middle. Such technical solution enabled 'colouring' the fir trees for the Christmas celebration in all the colours of the rainbow. 

Several hidden RGM lights inside the base of the trees bestowed a colourful luminosity turning the darkest time of the year a little more magical for the passer-bys. 

Pullulare and Ascendit are great excamples of how our monumental layered glass sculptures can infuse parks and gardens with a modern chic during the warm season.

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