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Who we are


Ernest Vitin is the only artist in  the Baltic States and amongst the few contemporary artists in the world, working exclusively and professionally with layered glass technique, developing highly impressive, large-scale architectural and monumental sculptures, and objects in layered glass, also known as the stacked glass technique.  


Glass is gaining prominence amongst other mediums of beautification, because the contemporary urban scene with high steel and glass skyscrapers, as well as wide country house windows, welcoming light, set the perfect environment for this classic and lavish material.

​Modernity and uniqueness

We create bespoke, custom designed and hand crafted monumental glass sculptures,  architectural installations and  functional design objects under the guidance of a visionary artist Ernest Vitin. Our work renders aesthetical perfection to any interior and exterior.

Quality and durability

We have developed and are using a unique method of treatment, through which we achieve high durability of our work under different climate conditions, while most effectively bringing out the characteristics of glass as a material, emphasizing it's purity, effulgence and permanency.

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