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Dimensions 220 x 365 x 120 cm 

Available for purchase

"Up in Air" was a true labour of love—much effort was put into capturing the ethereal beauty of weightlessness and the sensation of floating. Each piece was meticulously crafted, shaped, and layered to create the illusion of glass pieces suspended mid-air. The interplay of light and glass was crucial in creating the illusion of weightlessness. The pieces vary in shape and size, from delicate to elongated forms, with some adorned by intricate patterns while others remain minimalistic.

The sculpture delicately captures the descent of water, halting the process in time and space and preventing the dispersion of water droplets due to gravity. Each trajectory of a water droplet, descending linearly, is transformed into a three-dimensional journey, enveloping the entire space. It reflects on how each individual droplet merges within the overall rhythm of the cascading water. 

The physical space transforms, offering a dynamic experience from every angle, mirroring the constantly changing form of water. As a world, a unified whole emerges from division. From one side, the artwork forms like a boat and from the other, a perspective sphere. The artwork invites contemplation on the beauty that arises when distinct elements come together, suspended in a delicate dance, frozen yet evoking a sense of perpetual movement.

Glass is chosen as the primary medium to underscore transparency, fragility, and water's transformative aspects. The variation in shapes and sizes, from delicate to elongated forms, adds a layer of complexity, creating certain patterns that gradually shift perspectives around the artwork. This symbolizes water's constantly changing form. The use of materials, adorned with intricacy while maintaining minimalism, conveys water's multi-faceted and singular nature. 

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