Layered Glass Sculpture

Dimensions 1100 x 360 x 220 mm

Available for purchase

Layered glass sculpture Caleo was made to remind us of our inner flame. One may choose to put it in a windy place, watch it turmoil and risk extinguishing it. Or, one may choose to guard it from strong winds and water, allowing it to fill them with warmth and light.


It is made of 8mm selective glass  of various colours. Therefore, depending on the sources of light, it could reflect various shades of cold and warm tones, offering a sense of temperature. Thus, just like a flame, this static glass sculpture offers a wide diapason of warmth.

Caleo at exhibition "Art Alea Archetype"  12.05 - 09.06.2016

Photography by Agrita Alksere

Caleo exhibited at Gallery Park Hotel and SPA  30.05 2017- 30.09.2017

Photography by Agrita Alksere

Enter a new dimension of exceptional splendour of the past and the present!  This is a perfect combination of Art Nouveau premier architecture and monumental glass contemporary art.
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