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Dimensions 200 x 220 x 65 cm

Academic project

1700m above sea level, in Georgia's southern province of Samtskhe-Javakheti, rests a small mountain village, Akhalkalaki. They say mountains have an ineffable power to restore and fill people with the energy of life. Mountain Sensations is the artist's attempt to re-create this mystical power in glass, so a walk through the installation would trigger contemplation and gratitude for one's life.


Ruminating upon the bright plein-air impressions of Georgia, the artist designed an installation that would bring back to life the sensations he had experienced there. Blending the clouds with the mountains and the cool, fresh mountain air fills one's body with quality oxygen. The sudden revelation that these mountains have calmly and patiently stood there and will continue being, even after you cease to exist. The kick. The adrenaline, not the superficial one, but the other sort- the deep, unbearable pleasure starting at the core of you. The energy of life. 

The characteristics of glass, such as its transparency and glinting, have the necessary sublimity to attempt to recreate this sense of omnipotence induced by the mountains. The composition consists of 5 modules, each of which has a wooden base construction that serves as a support for the glass part. Although the building has elements of layered glass, the work is not a classic example of an object made in the layered glass technique. Mainly because the glass is stacked onto each other with significant intervals. The core of each module is made up of ten 2250x650x8mm sheets of glass. The content is then built in the gaps between them using more refined elements. Two light sources are under the glass construction to bring out the atmosphere. 

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