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About Artist

Ernest Vitin (Ernests Vītiņš) is one of a few artists in the world working professionally and exclusively with monumental layered glass sculptures. Ernest is a practical man driven by curiosity and intellect, whereby is completely mesmerised by this contemporary technique, which requires a great idea and an even greater skill.
Ernest is incessantly engaged in research and development of layered glass art technique and aesthetics. Over the last few years, besides taking part in contemporary art events and exhibitions, Ernest has created the largest modern architectural art installation in Latvia, and possibly in the Baltics. Located in the main foyer of the newly built Academic Centre for Natural Sciences of the University of Latvia (2015) stands the solely handmade, 22 tonnes heavy architectural glass artwork 'In Nature'.  But Ernest's most technically intricate and aesthetically mesmerising sculpture 'Virtute' can be viewed in Malta, Cavalieri Art Hotel.
Coming from an artistic family, he knew he would become a professional artist himself. Thus, he chose the medium no one in his family had used before- glass. He has gained a first class Masters degree in Glass Art from the Art Academy of Latvia in 2011 and was nominated for the 2014 and 2016 annual alumni award for a significant contribution to enriching and strengthening Latvian culture locally and internationally (see what others say). The choice of working with monumental glass, rather than more conventional art mediums, was driven by his ambition of cultivating uniqueness and personality. 
Having spent his childhood in Lapmežciems, a town by the Baltic Sea, which is accountable for unfolding riches of world's most beautiful yellow amber, much of the artist's creation takes its initial inspiration from the deeply planted memories of life by the sea. However, his creations do not merely exhibit the past, nor are they objective portrayal of reality. Each piece of work is a depiction of a constructed idea, which can be decoded and reconstructed by each viewer individually to one's understanding.

Layered Glass Artist Ernest Vitin (Ernests Vītiņš)

Ernest Vitin (Ernests Vītiņš)

"Working with glass is a process that fits with the contemporary state of living- involving modern material, the use of technology to develop models, satisfying the awe and filling the niche for large-scale functional and abstract art objects. 


I am not the cliche bohemian artist producing art individually, separated from the surrounding world. It is a completely social process. My art is mostly site specific; thus it is developed for and with my customers- architects, interior designers, landscape designers and real estate developers. From time to time, I shall offer something as enigmatic as Mountain Sensations and let you decide where it should stand..."

- Ernest Vitin

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