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Ernest Vitin

Ernest Vitin (Ernests Vītiņš, 1984) is a glass artist specialising in monumental sheet glass stacking, aka layered glass technique. Ernest is one of a few artists worldwide working exclusively with monumental layered glass sculptures. He has in-depth knowledge gained over more than ten years of experience in the field. His approach is innovative and professional. 

Besides working on commission projects, Ernest is continuously invited to participate in international group exhibitions and holds solo exhibitions. With his solo exhibition "Within the glass Labyrinth", he received a national award, "Kilogram of Culture 2019", in the visual arts category and has been nominated for the annual Latvian Academy of Arts award twice.

Due to his expertise in stacked glass art, he was invited to participate in the annual Scientific Conference of the Art Academy of Latvia 2022, "Synergy of Humanitarian and Natural Sciences In History and Theory of Culture", to give a presentation on practical monumental layered glass art-making. 

He has created the largest sculptural ensemble of glass art in the Baltics - "In Nature", located in the foyer of the Nature House of the Academic Center of the University of Latvia. Ernest works on monumental public space glass design commissions for indoor and landscape.

Ernest Vitin glass artist, monumental layered glass sculputres.jpg

"Working with glass is a process that fits with the contemporary state of living- involving modern material, the use of technology in the development of 3D models, awakaning the awe and filling the niche for large-scale functional and abstract art objects. 


To me the art-making process is a completely social process. My art is mostly site-specific, developed for and with my customers - architects, interior designers, landscape architects, real estate developers and private clients. From time to time, I create an engaging exhibition familiarizing and challenging the way people engage with glass art"

- Ernest Vitin

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