Layered glass artwork

Dimensions 265 x 250 x 250 mm


'Agrit' - a field, from Latin, is a representation of the sacredness of Mother Nature. The life-giving, nurturing Nature is the most precious jewel of all. The form of this glass sculpture symbolizes the motion of a field of barley bending in the wind. It consists of four irregular elements, one on top of another, each having a unique shape and colour.  Nature is a cradle to the most beautiful and incredible creations, us, humans, being one of them. We can only strive to notice the wonders around us and re-create them with reverence, in hope, that our work will nurture the procreative life of others around us.

Agrit at "Ambergs" saloon

Photography by Agrita Alksere

 ©ErnestVitin 2019