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Dimensions 150 x 50 x 50 cm


'Virtute' from Latin translates as 'power'. It is a form of 'virtus'- courage, excellence, character, virtue. These four aspects are represented by the four pillars encompassing, giving support to and igniting the power inside. Just like power, the inner form of Virtute is dynamic, swirling, and grows in it's strength as it moves upwards.


The artist also points, that power comes in different forms- private, societal, national... With this work, artist specifically wants to express his belief in the power of an idea, of a common goal- a shared power. Only then, when the right circumstances are made, can power be amplified, and a way to greatness embarked- as an individual, group or society.


To some, private power can be their intelligence, their courage, beauty, communication skills… What ever it is, it should be realized and used ethically, with the for 'virtus' aspects in mind. Because, any single person can only achieve anything noteworthy, powerful and great, if they become one of the pillars cultivating the power. Knowing one's virtues and strenghts, and finding others with the necessary characteristics then becomes a must for attainment of the common goal.

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