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Dimensions 146 x 40 x 33 cm

For sale

"Sophia," a layered glass sculpture, is an artistic representation of wisdom, blending symbolism, materiality, and form to evoke contemplation on the nature of knowledge, transformation, and the opportunities one can find in embracing life's complexities. Sofia's brilliance reminds us of wisdom's radiance, illuminating the path of understanding and discernment. The predominant shape displays elegant curves and flowing lines. This sculptural piece is the culminating work within a more extensive collection exploring the ephemeral qualities of flame and smoke. Its profound association with wisdom emerges through various symbolic and artistic elements.

Sophia's is composed of two distinct types of glass layers. The more extensive layers enveloping the entire structure are crafted from ClearVision glass, chosen for its ability to provide maximum clarity and brilliance. This choice of material aligns with the pursuit of wisdom, as it symbolises the clarity and transparency of thought and insight that understanding entails. The outer surface is deliberately textured with a chiselled appearance, achieved through meticulous hammering of the glass. This texturing, while appearing rough, enhances the interplay of light. Each uneven surface refracts and reflects light uniquely, creating an effect akin to countless tiny crystals, representing the multifaceted nature of wisdom.

The inner, more minor forms of Sophia, constructed from Ultra Clear Clima Guard Pre glass, are coated with precious metals such as platinum, gold, and silver. These metals interact harmoniously to produce delicate blue, bronze, and violet hues. By incorporating these metals into the glass layers, Sophia's inner beauty reflects the idea that wisdom often arises from the melding of diverse experiences and perspectives.

The serpentine qualities of Sophia invoke the ancient symbolism associated with serpents and wisdom. Serpents symbolise transformation, renewal, and knowledge in various cultural contexts. Sophia invites us to shed the old layers of understanding to embrace new wisdom, much like a serpent sheds its skin. This association resonates with the age-old narrative of the serpent in the Garden of Eden, tempting Adam and Eve to indulge in the fruit of wisdom from the "Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil", underscoring the idea that the pursuit of wisdom often involves a complex interplay of choices, consequences, responsibility and enlightenment.

Furthermore, Sophia's resemblance to gracefully curving architectural structures within a metropolis aligns with the notion of wisdom residing within the complexities of modern life. As architectural elements blend seamlessly with the dynamic interplay of light, so does the pursuit of wisdom persist amid the diversity of contemporary existence. Sophia is a beacon of clarity and insight amidst the complexity, reminding us that wisdom can be found even in the most perplexing environments.

As sunlight or artificial illumination interacts with Sophia's glass layers, a brilliant display of light emerges, evoking the multifaceted brilliance of a diamond. Like the radiance that wisdom imparts, illuminating the path of understanding and discernment.

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