Monumental layered glass sculpture

Dimensions 2200x400x400mm


Monumental layered glass sculptures are not only beautiful, contemporary elements for the interior, but are very effective components for the outside landscape. They have the potency to bring parks and gardens to life, even in winter (see our Stylized Fir Trees in snow). 


Inspired by the most pleasant phase in nature- the beginning of new life, this monumental layered glass sculpture is created as a hypertrophied act of plants breaking out of the soil and striving to grow into their full configuration. The sculpture is made of a combination of three kinds of 6mm selective layered glass. 

Pullulare is in the private art collection of Rumene Manor. The manor is the country residence of the 5 star Hotel Bergs, member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, and provides a wealth of activities in a haven of luxury for discerning guests from near and far. A place worth visiting...

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