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Dimensions 115 x 36 x 21 cm


Harenam is a fine work of art, a technically complicated composition where one defined form is moulded into another. There are three forms merged in a way that the story changes depending on the viewpoint. One can see it as one solid piece of decorative art or an act of winding between the three elements.


You might see a play of sand, blown up in the air by a swashing, cold breeze, reminding us of how fragile humans are and how easily our inner world can be stirred up with a little blow from the outside. See the interlacing of the forms, think of a thread that one's life hangs on, how thin it is, how perishable…


Finally, look at the details… see the delicate, soft lines created from this hard material… Despite Harenam's deceptive small size, this sculpture is made of 298 pieces of glass, which is merely 1/3 less than monumental  Halitus, twice its size and six times its weight. 

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