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Dimensions 70 x 100 x 35 cm

The inspiration for this sculpture stems from the collaborative exposition "Dialogue: Upon the Evocation of Memories." This dialogue focuses on two intertwined aspects: the essence of what once was and the significance of those who have left a mark on our lives. 

Crafted from layered glass, the monument proudly bears the family name of Ernest Vītiņš - Vītiņi. The monument is made by omitting many layers of glass, which gives it an architectural feel while simultaneously encapsulating the profound sense of loss experienced when a cherished individual no longer graces the earth with their presence. Reflecting on the origin of these memories, their emotive impact and the extent to which they envelop our being fosters empathy and connection. It resonates with the overall exhibition, in which Chinese art professor Suojia Zhang created works about the destruction of his hometown. 

Ultimately, the sculpture serves as a poignant reminder to cherish both the past and the present. It encourages gratitude for the memories that shape our journey and appreciation for the blessings we currently hold. 

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