The Grand Opening of Post Procella
Post Procella lateral
Post Procella frontal
Post Procella
Post Procella details
Post Procella details
Post Procella details gold dust
Post Procella details- looking up
Post Procella details- looking up
Post Procella details- pure
Post Procella details
Post Procella plastic
Post Procella portrait in the sun
Post Procella- After the Storm
Post Procella - tranquility
Artist Ernest Vitin by the sculpture

Post Procella

Monumental Layered Glass Sculpture

Dimensions 2500 x 600 x 500 mm



We can only experience and appreciate a tranquil state once we have been through a storm… It is a state as fine and as purposeful as a bird's feather…


Feather, by large, consists of two complementing, yet structurally very distinctive parts: the solid and the plastic. The solid part is central. It is the constructive element yielding a profound force which allows maintaining flight for long distances. The plastic, visually light part represents the human desire for flight, for freedom. Haven't you caught yourself  envying a free flying bird, wondering where you'd fly, if only you could?


As for the idea… Post Procella, meaning- after the storm, depicts a nostalgia of a man who has spent his childhood by the sea and moved to the metropolis to pursue his passion. The windy coast is full of seagull feathers- light, soft and beautiful,  which this layered glass sculpture represents.

"For most gulls, it is not flying that matters, but eating. For this gull, though, it was not eating, that mattered, but flight..." (R.Bach in 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull')


The Process

Post Procella has a wondrous refulgence that none other sculpture has. This is a result of a composition of 6 mm glass covered with various coatings. The coatings reflect light with differing wavelengths, allowing the eye to perceive the richness of the sculptural form. 


The edges are treated with distinctive methods to reach divergent effects for the two component parts.

The coated glass was used to form the solid part only, adding more matter to it. A delicate,  yet noteworthy colour richness is drawn out upon the interplay of light and the coated glass. The plastic part consists of clear glass, layered alternately in order to achieve a gentle affect on the viewer. 


3D Model


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