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Dimensions 250 x 60 x 50 cm

Not For Sale

We can only experience and appreciate a tranquil state once we have been through a storm… It is a state as fine and as purposeful as a bird's feather…


The feather, by large, consists of two complementing yet structurally very distinctive parts: the solid and the plastic. The solid part is central. It is the constructive element yielding a profound force which allows maintaining flight for long distances. The plastic, visually light part represents the human desire for flight, for freedom. Haven't you caught yourself envying a free-flying bird, wondering where you'd fly if only you could?


As for the idea… Post Procella, meaning- after the storm, depicts the nostalgia of a man who has spent his childhood by the sea and moved to the metropolis to pursue his passion. The windy coast is full of seagull feathers- light, soft and beautiful,  which this layered glass sculpture represents.

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