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Dimensions 175 x 47 x 27 cm


This monumental glass sculpture was made to represent the notion of movement.  It was one of four stopping points - from material to spiritual values, in Ernest Vitin's personal exhibition Aizstiklija," aka "The place behind the glass". Values ​​that take the shape of luscious three-dimensional metaphors reminiscing family roots and heredity, search and discovery, reflecting each other, and above all - a passion for creating.


This layered glass sculpture represents gracious movement, energy and vibrancy of life. The interplay of the panel glass installation with the sculptures and the reproduction of the workshop setting aids the formation of an intimate time-space in which the glass art is created. The space was created as the artist's mind with its creative tensions, opaque sensuous blurs and conscious, intense glimmering. The experience was enriched by the opportunity to see more than the face of neatly accomplished works of art.

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