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“Patience + Mindfulness = Success” interview for the British "Glass Network"

“Patience + Mindfulness = Success” is an interview with Glasstone’s founder, glass artist Ernest Vitin for the British Contemporary Glass Society quarterly magazine “Glass Network” Issue 64/ June 2017.

Ernest Vitin (Ernests Vītiņš) is a young Latvian born and based artist working exclusively with float glass: cold-working it into powerful, monumental and architectural layered glass art pieces and glass headstones and sculptural memorials Ernest embraces layered, also called- stacked glass technique. Twice- in 2014 and 2016, Ernest has been nominated for the prestigious Art Academy of Latvia award for a significant contribution enriching and strengthening culture locally and internationally.

Ernest Vitin is the author of the largest, entirely handmade, over 22 tons heavy layered glass architectural sculpture in the Baltics - “In Nature” (2015). The hand treatment of “In Nature” spans over 20 km or 12.5 miles. It is located in the main foyer of the newly built, multi award-winning, modern Academic Centre for Natural Sciences of the University of Latvia.

In the interview, Ernest answered the following questions:

1. Ernest, there aren’t many artists working in layered glass technique. Why, would you say, this is?

2. What made you choose the layered glass technique over other alternatives?

3. What would be the first thing to work on if someone was to take up layered glass technique?

4. What is the hardest and the most fulfilling about being a layered glass artist?

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