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Glass sculptor's Ernest Vitin's solo exhibition "WITHIN THE GLASS LABYRINTH"

Glass sculptor’s Ernest Vitin’s solo exhibition “WITHIN THE GLASS LABYRINTH” presented in Riga Art Space exhibition hall (Kungu Street 3) from February 1 to March 17, 2019. This unique monumental glass installation will showcase an interaction of a variety of glass expressions – from a headstone to a labyrinth made of glass. The viewer will be enabled to integrate within the art itself.

Each person’s way of life is a fascinating, sometimes frightening, sometimes misleading, enticing, and utterly captivating labyrinth – leading from one’s self to one’s self. The creative ways of glass sculptor Ernest Vitin have also been at times misleading, deceptive, imposing deadlocks, and yet, insightful and truthful. Within the Latvian contemporary art environment, Ernests Vitin has chosen to express his creative force in an unusual glass art manner. In pursuit of being peculiar, the artist discovered the technique of glass stacking, also called – layered glass technique, quite early on during his student years at the Art Academy of Latvia. Since then, Ernest has systematically developed and perfected his signature style. Glass stacking art is very demanding – they require ‘iron-like’ patience, ‘surgical’ precision and constructive-creative thinking.

The labyrinth begins with a gravestone. The usual – the name of the departed person on the tomb, is replaced by the #glasssculptor. Courage and the constant expansion of consciousness, creative growth, and advancement in technology – are by all means the most significant part of the artist’s everyday life. Next, the paths of the labyrinth leads one into deadends where four glass sculptures triumphally mark the artistic search variations of the sculptor. The magic of glass as a natural material hides within its reflective ability – it reveals, exposes and conceals! Thus, by placing the glass in layers, the artist achieves the effect of atmospheric depth, completely disrupting the sense of space. The glass maze creates an utterly illusory feeling. It demolishes boundaries, creates new ones, gives guidelines. At the same time, the transparency of glass creates a drive to go further, to immerse, to explore and find the majestic glass sculptures! The transparency and the stacked glass layers present a fascinating effect. The scene changes from one to an entirely different view merely by walking a few steps aside. The same sheet of glass masterfully hides the sculpture behind it at one moment and reveals it at another.

Glass artist Ernest Vitin (Ernests Vītiņš, 1984) has gained more attention in recent years with his grand, 22-tons massive, largest handmade glass artwork in the Baltics. “In Nature” is located in the foyer of the University of Latvia’s Center for Natural Sciences. Furthermore, the second architectural glass artwork was recently completed – a great wall made from a vertically stacked glass. The glass wall is located at the newly built LU Science Centre, the opening ceremony of which will take place on the 28th of January, 2019. Ernest’s monumental stacked glass sculptures enhance the Rūmenes Manor Park and the LPB Bank’s lobby, as well as several public places and private residences. Alongside Ernest Vitin Layered Glass design, the artist has also created Glasstone, which is dedicated to creating and implementing a new concept for headstones and memorial sites.

Curators of the exhibition: Katrion Luīze Rožlapa and Luīze Lismane

Project manager: Linda Vītiņa (ex Namniece)

The exhibition is organised by: the Association of Cultural Institutions of Riga Municipality and exhibition hall “Riga Art Space”.

Supported byGlass Service“, “Roots and Wings”, “Brīvais Vilnis“.

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