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Wedding In Glass Nature

This is the story of how "In Nature", the largest, entirely handmade, contemporary art work in Latvia, became a part of a bright and unforgettable wedding. Congratulations Līga and Arnis! The wedding was organized by agency and the photographer, Kristine Grinvalde, shares her story of choosing "In Nature" as the perfect place for the wedding photoshoot.

Photography by Kristine Grinvalde, from

Photography by Kristine Grinvalde, from

Kristine stumbled upon the process of creating architectural installation "In Nature", while looking for an untraditional spot for a photoshoot. Having read all about the creation process, she ended up learning everything about every single Ernest Vitin's work.

"The rythm, the colour, size and technique- it all simply captivates! It's impossible to put all the emotions down to words. Thank you for giving such an amazing gift to the word - the artwork "In Nature". On their wedding day, our lucky couple Liga and Arnis spent a few wonderful moments "In Nature". They are keen travelers, both nature and city environment are dear to their hearts, wanderlust has taken them to some extraordinary places. The artwork "In Nature" brought back memories from their adventures in tropical forests and trips across wilderness of the ocean. Thank you for the fortune you have given them to capture and keep these feelings as vibrant memories from their wedding day!" says Kristine

Thank you, Kristine Grinvalde!

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