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Ernest Vitin's layered glass art in multi-award winning architecture

Academic Center for Natural Sciences of the University of Latvia received multiple architecture awards, including the prestigious "Latvian Architecture Award 2016"- annual national competition with the aim of identifying and promoting the best accomplishments of Latvian architecture and stimulating the development of high-quality architecture. It received the most public votes this year within the voting platform and won the "Latvian Construction Award" and "Riga Architecture Award".

Ernest Vitin on the left with the architect's team.

According to its architect, Vita Polkovnikova- good architecture is one that is suited for the users of the building and create an environment that is comfortable and pertinent to the present surroundings. She explains that, for her, it is important that monumental art becomes a part of public buildings. Congratulations to Vita Polkovnikova and architectural firm "Sestais Stils"!

'In Nature' the largest, 22 tonnes heavy, contemporary, entirely hand made, artwork in Latvia by Ernest Vitin Layered Glass Design is located in the main foyer of Academic Center for Natural Sciences. Ernest's design benches and LU glass signboard are also located within the building.

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