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Ernest Vitin's monumental, authentic glass art in Malta in Cavalieri Art Hotel, Malta

Artist Ernest Vitin is the only artist in the Baltic States and amongst the few contemporary artists in the world, working exclusively and professionally with layered (aka stacked) glass technique, developing imaginative, large scale architectural installations, monumental sculptures and functional objects.

Recently, Ernest was invited to Malta to exhibit his work at the Cavalieri Art Hotel and Art Galleries. At the main lobby of the hotel stands Ernest Vitin’s so far most technically elaborate sculpture. Virtute translates from Latin as ‘power’. However, the Cavalieri Art Galleries host artists’ unique memorial and functional art pieces- a cast glass headstone Ice and a layered glass bench. Even if one is not into art that much, the memorial is nonetheless inviting object to see from the collection of Ernest's glass memorial brand Glasstone.

Ernest, although only in his early thirties, has hand crafted the largest contemporary art work in Latvia, an engrossing 22 tons heavy layered glass architectural sculpture In Nature. It took him over nine months to physically create it and the hand treated cut-off line for the whole installation reaches over 20 kilometres or 12.5 miles. Looking at Ernest Vitin Layered Glass Desing portfolio, one can hardly believe the artist is coming from a small country with little opportunities for emerging young artists.

Glass is taking over traditional mediums in art and is increasingly used in architecture as well as interior decor. Due to it's light, airy visual effect and myriad ways of treatment, glass allows creating modern, astounding works of art and injects modernity into surroundings. The most popular ways of turning the raw material into a piece of art are glass blowing and casting. However, Ernest Vitin is an artist that has chosen to be one of the few experts in the world in layered aka stacked glass technique. It is a technique that requires artistic acumen, skills in handwork and technology, lots of space and often 15 to 20 hours a day. No wonder few work with it...

“I guess it never is straight forward path when you try to show the world that what you do with passion is worth it’s attention and resources. 8 hour beauty-sleep is not in my daily schedule” says the artist.

“Virtute”, at the main lobby of Cavalieri Art Hotel is a form of 'virtus'- courage, excellence, character, virtue. These four aspects are represented by four pillars encompassing and igniting the power inside them. Only one in four layers of glass reaches from the four pillars into the middle, giving rise to the form of ‘Virtute'. Virtute is dynamic, swirling, and grows in it's strength as it moves upwards, representing the dynamics of power. The sculpture can be acquired for private collection.

Artist’s glass memorial brand Glasstone started off by merely creating a personal Vitini family memorial in layered glass technique. Seen in the cemetery and by acquaintances, Ernest was asked to create more original glass headstones. He realised that by making glass memorials he fulfils both his artistic calling and his wish to create something worthwhile for others. The people that turn to him, he has learned, are the ones looking for novel, graceful and individual ways to commemorate their beloved, and this is exactly what he can humbly offer them.

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