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Kaspar Korjus and Karen Korjus visit the largest, handmade glass artwork in the Baltics

Last week we had great honour and pleasure to welcome our Estonian guests, the managing director of Estonia's E-Residency programme Mr Kaspar Korjus with his wife, award winning entrepreneur Mrs Karen Korjus, to Riga and the Academic Centre for Natural Sciences (ACNS) of the University of Latvia!

ACNS contains the most significant, entirely handmade glass artwork in the Baltic States- "In Nature". The 22 tons heavy layered glass sculpture decorates the main foyer of the building along with the composition of layered glass benches, which was nominated for the Latvian Designers' Society's Annual Award 2017 in the customized design category, and LU signboard.

"The glass artwork "In Nature" in the University felt like it's alive! It felt like something supernatural, like it had a thousand images inside it, because whatever angle you are looking at it, it looks different all the time, through shadows and light... so there's always something to see there!"

- Kaspar Korjus, the managing director of Estonia's E-Residency programme

"The monumental stacked glass artwork "In Nature" brings life to the University! It renders a natural feeling within the massive concrete building. It is big and beautiful with the lights on, and the changing colours greatly brighten up the quite monotone space."

-Karen Korjus, entrepreneur


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