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About Ernest Vitin

Ernest Vitin is a glass artist and an innovator of the layered glass technique. With over 12 years of expertise, he creates luxury monumental sculptures and bespoke glass objects. His unique and meticulously crafted works have enhanced spaces across 15+ countries in Europe, Asia and North America, showcasing the depth of his skills and the global appeal of his art. 

As an expert in the layered glass technique, I specialize in:

Layered Glass Monumental Sculptures 

Grand-scale pieces that transform spaces into vibrant sites of cultural engagement and beauty.

Bespoke Design Objects

Custom-made items that blend functionality with the elegance of glass art, tailored to clients' specific aesthetic and practical needs.

Architectural Sculptural Ensembles

Cohesive, site-specific artworks that harmonize with their architectural surroundings, creating immersive environments.

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