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Request collaboration and receive samples of our layered glass

Stikla tēlnieks Ernests Vītiņš_glasstone copy.jpg

Ernest Vitin

I offer layered glass design and sculptures of the highest quality, both for indoors and outdoors. My team works professionally, we meet deadlines and gurantee durability of our work.

I wish to establish connections with private and public space interior designers, architects and landscape architects interested in high-end monumental layered glass elements for their spaces.

Working with layered glass art for over ten years, I have expertise in large-scale architectural structures, interior and landscape sculptures, and award-winning art exhibitions.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in collaborating with us and wish to receive samples of the glass type and edge textures we most commonly work with.

The Pros of collaborating with us

Layered glass samples by Ernest Vitin for interior designers, architects, landscape archit

I wish to collaborate with you and receive your layered glass samples

Thanks for submitting!

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