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Exhibition of monumental stacked glass sculptures in a historic Art Nuoveau building.

Enter a new dimension and disappear into the harmony of the splendour of the past and the present! This might be the most perfect combination of Art Nouveau premier architecture and monumental glass contemporary art.

Gallery Park Hotel & SPA is located in the Art Nouveau district, in Riga, within a 19th-century mansion- a UNESCO World Heritage building, where much of the luxurious interior elements have been preserved and restored- hand painted ceilings, antique chandeliers and fireplaces.

Two monumental glass sculptures “Caleo” and “Effigie Sui” are exhibited in the hotel until September 2017 by the only artist in Latvia working and developing monumental layered aka stacked glass technique professionally Ernest Vitin Layered Glass Design. Ernest was nominated for the 2014 and 2016 Art Academy of Latvia annual award for a significant contribution to enriching and strengthening Latvian art locally and internationally.

Sculptures can be viewed and purchased every day from 9 am to 10 pm at the Gallery Park Hotel & SPA until September 2017!

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