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"Effigie Sui" in Helsinki at the "Malmitalo Gallery"

Our monumental glass sculpture "Effigie Sui" can be viewed in Finland, Helsinki, Malmitalo Gallery along with other distinguished Latvian artists' work from the 28th of September until the 21st of October 2017!

"The group of artists specially selected and brought together by A.Sūna Art Gallery consists of Latvian artists from a mature generation, which has developed and influenced by the mature traditions of modernism.

All of the artists have a common choice of unique and specific means of expression and the way how they are incorporated in the artworks; also the interest in understanding the meaning of oneself’s individual existence, the relationship between oneself and the World." (Malmitalo Gallery)

Effigie Sui reflects artist Ernest Vitin's understanding about the societal and cultural structures that draw pressure onto every individual. This pressure is represented by the different indents in the form of the sculpture. It symbolises the human ability to receive and adapt to external pressure without breaking, becoming a subject of pressure themselves affecting others.

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